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The hxmlb team have put their blood, sweat and tears into the production of the boutique to make it more than just a brick and mortar and to make this an experience for both us andour clients. Our goal is to help revolutionize today's lash market! Helloxmary Lash Boutique believes in providing sincerity, encouragement and prosperity for all of our teammates.

When we live an abundant life, we prosper along the way - to do what makes you happy, build up on your passions, and add value to your life. Carve out a pavement free from doubt, fear and worry & plant those truthful seeds of integrity, joy and faithfulness to your unique plans, dreams and ideas.



Sweet greetings! Firstly, I appreciate you taking the time to get to know me! I am a mother to two precious boys, a playful and caring friend to many, a guide and mentor in the lash industry, a creative with many interests and hobbies, and a spiritual soul who's always looking to elevate in truth, passion, and devotion. In my professional career I majored and graduated in Beauty Merchandise and Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising of LA. Shortly after I became a product and development intern at DKP Designs whereas I got to work with big name brands- truly am proud of 18 year old Mary. I found my way back to Las Vegas and graduated at the Aveda Institute as an esthetician in 2015. I have been in my lash passion career since the beginning of 2016. Throughout my career I was able to be a sister, friend, and mentor to many. 2020 I opened up my first ever brick n mortar with my amazing business partner, Giovanni Motta. Through our business journey we found a new love to host markets and I'd like to say that this is just the beginning. I am truly excited to be living 28 years of life and experiencing life more abundantly as ever.

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