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“Helloxmary Lash Boutique offers a unique experience by providing sincerity, encouragement, and prosperity for all our teammates”

Here at HXMLB we offer everything you need as a lash artist to get your bread. I want everyone to know that there is room for literally everyone to grow. God created us to be one of a kind and unique in our own special ways. We are meant to help each other with our gifts. In order to build, you need community, you need relationships, friendships. I don’t see you here as your ultimate goal. You have amazing and unique dreams and ideas just as I do my own. One of the greatest feelings we can experience as humans is the gift of giving. When your own personal cup is overflowing with love, passion, and joy- it doesn’t take much to give. So I want you guys to know my sincerity with you is genuine and will never change. We want to see you thriving and striving and that is the root and goal with the foundation of our boutique. Let us help you get there! 


Why choose HXM Lash Boutique?


    At HXMLB our goal is to revolutionize todays lash market. We want to differentiate ourselves from what you know now of lash salons. In todays day and age, us women are goal-getters! We want to run our own hours, keep the hard earn money we deserve, work for ourselves & most importantly build our empire. HXMLB not only allows you to be your own boss but we also cater white label franchising opportunities. By growing together, we can help you become your own lash boss- from your own lash line to your own salon. Our mission statement is to serve others. There is plenty of room for everyone to grow, and at HXMLB there is nowhere else to go but up. So it is with great pleasure and honor to be able to share this space with 5 other amazing, talented and hard working girls who share the same goal and vision. My team & I really put in our blood sweat and tears into this production to make this boutique more than just a brick and mortar. To make this an experience for both us and our clients. 

I hope my story gives you inspiration that you can also do this too because you can literally do anything you set your mind to. So remember, you always have to start somewhere. Be brave to step out of your comfort zone, build your relationships, follow your passion and dreams, & I promise you, you will prosper along the way. 

Opportunities ​

  • Be a part of a thriving community 


  • 20-30% off all HXMLB products  

  • Walk-in clientele growth

    • Grow your clientele with the opportunity and option to take in walk-ins​

  • HXMLB is an experience for both guests and artists

  • Business-family culture environment: raffles and bonuses will be part of incentives for our artists

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