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appointment policies

Deposit fee

A deposit fee of $45 is required to schedule your online appointment. This deposit is used to hold your seat and to reduce the chances of no shows. The deposit goes towards your service and the remainder will be paid during your lash appointment. Automatic refunds may be done 72 hrs prior to surrendering their appointment

Have lashes?

At HXMLB we welcome all lash babes! If you already have existing lashes and you are looking to become a client then please book a "Foreign Fill". A one time fee of $10 for working on another salons work will be added to your service. Please book accordingly.



Please read the following steps to ensure the best results out of your appointment as it will play a huge part in the longevity of your lash retention. 

  • Arrive on time & avoid caffeine 6 hours prior to coming in as it will make your eyes jittery and hinder my ability to lash properly

  • Please arrive with fresh clean lashes and eyes free from makeup and oils. Using a good lash cleanser will not only remove any excess residue but will also clear all the extra oils and proteins that may be left over on your lashes. See how to properly cleanse your lashes here: lash bubble bath

  • recommend washing your hair the morning of or evening before your lash appointment as you should not get the lash extensions wet for 48 hours

  • Didn't have time to clean your lashes? Not to worry, you may book a lash bath with your appointment!

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